The Transition in My Journey


A pool of sorrow.

I am in. I long for the days of the simpler times.

As an older being,

I feel as if I’m being led to the almighty Odin.

Gone are the days where one could lie on a mat of slumber.

Then later receive a baked token and the nectar of childhood.

Now we toil to complete menial tasks in order to achieve what society views as success.

Trials to be completed.

Hardships to endure.

So have I lost the times of innocence and blithe.

To behold more power

One must bear the newly acquired responsibility.

It is so hard to handle.

This crushing boulder weakens me every day.

I blame society

For bringing this upon the future’s face.

To look upon the side of the sun It may get better.

To be stronger as a group of earth-mongers.

After scrambling up this mountain

Everything else will change

We shall use our newfound strength

To overcome this new weather of weapons.

Together, we will dominate what society calls the times of aging.



Your poem are really creative.......

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