The transition

Transitioning from middle to high school is difficult

You go from knowing everyone to not a single soul

Everything you used to love is now getting old

Some of Your favs don't come on the tv anymore

You have to Network, Market and sell an image to your peers

And maintain the facade, the character for all 4 years

All while trying to figure out what's fake and what's real

What you do instead of who you are determines your appeal

To the cliques, the squads and to the families

Who make art, are in sports or academic tutees

Determines if the teachers are nice

Or act like jerks and dweebs

Their attitudes will either make you want to learn

Or cheat

With the help of your GC you'll either fly or fall

Because their guidance is the most crucial of it all

You may end up with the worst or the best of them all

But what one thing thats always been resolved

Is the time frame in which their assistance lives

Because at a point in time its no longer existent

soon you'll  learn how to use the tools you were given

None of which scream to be self conscious and educated  



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Our world


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