I stood upon the platform once of the public trains

The day was dark and gloomy as if it were about to rain

People rushed all around running this way and that

Until they found the correct train wherein the went and sat

Then I watched as the doors enclosed them with great care

And the train wished them far away off to God knows where

Many times this happened and it was always the same

I knew not where these people went nor from whence they came

Suddenly I started confused at what I saw

For there inside one of the cars sat my dear grandma

Anxiously I ran to her and seeing me she rose

But before I could get to her the doors began to close

Hopelessly I looked within praying she’d come back

But then the train took her away onward down the track

It’s sad how life sometimes can take us by surprise

And take the ones we love most dear from right before our eyes

And it seems almost as though they’re carried on the wind

And I wonder to myself “Will I ever see them again?”

But eventually we all must go somewhere along the line

And allow that train to take our souls to the land of the Divine

Where with happy hearts we’ll meet all those we loved and knew

With open arms and tears of joy and shouts of “I love you!”

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My family
Our world
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