The Tragic Lullaby

The silence of the night is broken

The sound of many crying creates a tragic song

A melody full of anguish, despair, and deep sadness

It is tinged with self-loathing, bitterness, and hatred

It is a song that is rarely heard by others

One that is hidden carefully like the bruises and cuts 

How much blood has been spilled to create that song?

A river? A lake? Or maybe a whole ocean?

The pain of those who sing that lullaby is deeper than we can see

It's buried deep inside of them under layers and layers of masks

How can we just turn away?

We stand there and watch as the masks crumble

As the song reaches its end and they are no more

How many have we lost to this strain of death?

How many more must we lose to the earth before we help?

Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? 

How many more children will cry themselves to sleep?

Or wear long clothes to cover the scars and bruises?

How many are we going to ignore?

Or are we going to sneer down at them for being "weak"?

Can't anyone save them? 

Can you? Can I? Can we?

We can.

But are we willing to?

Are we prepared to be that savior? 

A hero to those torn apart by other's hatred?

Will you be that person?

Will you join the fight to end it before they are swallowed by the song?


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