I once met this girl who had her head held low

I asked her what’s wrong as I wanted to know

With dried tears on her cheeks, she looked at me

“I want to give up.” Answered she

I looked at her closely and felt her pain

She was no stranger to life’s painful game

“Would you like to trade?” I asked

With confused looks, she showed me the exit path

“Would you like to trade your life with that of a street child?

Who wakes up on the road with strangers, yet has a content mind.”

“Would you like to trade your vulnerability with the prostitute girl?

Who sells love to every wolf in flesh, yet dresses herself like a doll”

“Would you like to trade your discouragement with that man in shop?

Whose heart is tired of the same old life, yet hopes to someday reach the top”

“Would you like to trade your fear with that mother?

Whose sun is the patriot with loaded guns, yet with smiling, she won’t bother”

“Helpless and sadness is everyone’s life routine

But, a defeated attitude will never let you win.”                 

“Get up and work hard dear,           

Only then, the fruits of a better future you shall bear”

With emerging hopes, she looked at me

Like the rising sun, awakened she.



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