Toward a Future of Well-Being (by Alex and Eva Peck)

The universe has laws that are simple but profound;

When reflected upon deeply, they may even astound.

Our wholesome deeds will happiness ultimately bring;

While unwholesome actions will in the end result in suffering.


We reap what we sow, as we may well know;

Though in our life, it doesn’t always seem so.

The harvest comes after some time, not right away;

And also in life there are more complex rules at play.


Avoiding ten kinds of acts, in three groups, can us instruct:

Physical acts: killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct;

Verbal acts: lying, discord, harsh words, and idle chatter;

Mental acts: coveting, ill will, wrong views – all these matter.


May we not the life of any living being unnecessarily take;

Distinctions of “big” or “small” when it comes to life we cannot make.

Instead of killing, may we seek to protect and save lives;

To not hurt, but help; and to be one who for pro-life strives!


May we not another’s property take if not offered.

Deprivation by force, stealth, or deceit, many have suffered.

Instead of stealing, may we give as we are able,

Generously and from the heart, share from our table.


May we avoid sexual misconduct which can take various forms,

All of which violate pure conduct and healthy social norms.

Instead, may we be moral and escape any serious character blot.

Moral behaviour is important whether anyone is watching or not.


May we not consciously lie and say what is not true;

Nor deceitfully twist things and speak something untrue.

Instead, may we renounce lying and every form of falsehood;

And always speak lovingly and from the heart what’s good.


May we not say what divides others and promotes discord,

Separating people who get on well and are of one accord.

Instead, may we reconcile parties in disagreement,

Out of dispute, create harmony and agreement.


May we avoid harsh speech and offensive talk of any kind,

Cruelly exposing someone’s faults and upsetting their mind.

Instead, may we always use pleasant and kind words,

Speaking gently and politely as opportunity affords.


May we not engage in idle gossip or useless chatter,

Including frivolous jokes and things that don’t matter.

Instead, may we discuss worthwhile subjects,

Engaging in meaningful talk with positive effects.


May we not covet someone’s place and possessions,

Having desirous thoughts almost to the point of obsessions.

Instead, may we be satisfied with our own good portion;

And also rejoice in others’ virtues, merits, and good fortune.


May we not wish harm, malice or ill on another person,

Brooding with hate or anger; glad when for them things worsen.

Instead, may we cultivate the desire to help them,

To benefit and want their good, rather than condemn.


May we not persist in wrong or perverted views,

And with harmful beliefs and concepts our mind confuse.

Instead, may we root ourselves in what is authentic and true,

Holding it fast, but not denounce another’s view.


Unwise and wise acts all have consequences,

Reflecting on these can help bring us to our senses.

This also raises a question to deeply ponder:

At death, does our consciousness go on yonder?


If so, then this becomes a real game-changer for living,

Since today’s deeds will future results still to us be giving!

The effects of our conduct affect not just our present life,

But will continue to bear fruit even in the afterlife!


And so, if you want to know your future situation,

Look at and carefully consider your present action.

Those who have lived well in this life will rejoice in the next;

While doers of wrong will be tormented in a woeful state and vexed.


In the long term, wholesome acts will mean a better life tomorrow,

While unwholesome actions bring suffering, pain and sorrow.

And so, wherever the mystery of life after death will take us,

Wholesome living will in the end a better future make us.


There’s yet a bit more to the story –

A path that leads to future glory.

Help is available to one and all,

Who on God decide to call.


Ask for God’s grace, pardon and Love Divine,

Which transforms from within and makes you fine.

This way minimises the harvest of bad seeds,

And helps you pursue loving deeds.


Its truly special and best feature

Is making of you a new creature.

A true child of God you will become,

Then be in Celestial Realms welcome.


When you have been born again,

Or, born from above, we could say,

Your promised future inheritance is great.

So ask for God’s Love – no need to wait!


Alex and Eva Peck

(Reflecting on the consequences of virtuous and non-virtuous actions which are often experienced in the hereafter.)

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