The touching scent


Tied memories and nostalgia in pictures,

the scent and its past influence scriptures.

Roasted potatoes and chicken at home,

fresh cut grass tossed and roam.

Channel no 5 and my english teacher,

many erotic dreams to reach her.

The paint in the hallway of my first apartment,

the smell of sex and its excitement.

Doors of scented memories as instant reward,

lavender fields and its getaway in accord.

Pleasant surprises gingerly on your neck,

still holding at times your hand on this trek.

Mysteries by odor in tangible and inexplicable at once,

billions of molecules by random chance.

The world from the nose of individuality,

everybody’s attraction to the point of sincerity.

Constantly recorded memories emerged,

loved ones imparted scent diverged.

Template for resonance and reasons,

captured still after many seasons.

Scents repel and attract, pushing or pulling,

pheromones the language of animals willing.

Territories to ward the rivals in love,

smells that conjure by memory touch.

Securities in the pillow tainted longing,

breath deeply that certain belonging.

Inhaling wistful nostalgia as identity,

love notes by diverse natures serenity.






Nice  memories , at 28 degrees in the shade they seem...

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