Touched by Nature


I’ve seen places untouched by the soles of mankind

I rejoice at the slight breeze that comes from the side of a mountain on a scorching hot day

As I look out, all I see is rolling hills and grassy meadows,

But it’s so much more than that

Perched upon a rock , I feel enclave by the surrounding canyons on an endless cycle of passing by flawed clouds

Praying for one big enough to block out the sun

I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty that nature provides and the sound of the steady flow from the cold yet appealing rapids

My body, soul, and mind, is liberated and not domesticated like a cat or a dog.

Because here I’m free

Embracing the wonders of Mother Nature


Love your subject. It is a breath of fresh air from the last five years of history everyone jumped to write about. Great job.

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