Torn Tissue

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 05:14 -- ErinKay

I used to ride in the backseat to practice. 

There was hardly a day that I missed

Our old minivan with the comfy seats

Looking out the window

I’d tie laces around my cleats,

knowing hard work would get me there.

That school of my dreams


Where I’d meet my new team


Where my family would be proud

and without the burden of a financial cloud.

While I was racing to State

my grades were in eighth place.

A thought of my parents and the guilt would creep

I knew my lessons weren’t cheap

“It’ll be okay, they’ll be repaid

A school will come and pay my way.”


That’s the reason I cried that day.


No crutch could support my sudden spiral

Even Coach said

"Your best bet

is to focus on finals"


A gear shift with no breaks would understate

The fear of feeling unprepared

And thrust into the driver's seat of my “adult” life.

I took a wrong turn and landed funny

Lord, please help us find the money 

I found the cheapest road

forced me to study


Sometimes I recount that day and still remember the pain

but now there’s something else.

A feeling unknown in 2015

It’s almost like it was meant to be

That noise from my knee

The thought makes me queasy

But I think it might be my origin story

I learned to make class a priority,

And community schools don’t have sororities

But more importantly

I learned that there’s more to me.


I found pride in peer reviews instead of P.R.s

And who would have guessed I like making flash cards

My journey is not over but I'm happily in charge.

I’ve turned it around, taken a bow

And I’m grateful for that day I fell down.

My wounds from surgery were steps to University

And I’m excited to say you haven’t heard the last from me.

My plans are better, my passion is stronger

And to my list of accomplishments 

you can add Honors.


I never thought that horrible day

would have ever turned out quite this way.


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