Torn Apart

To disappear from one's life is torture.
No one wishes to be a ghost in one's eye.
You wish that shadow would appear once again and you know deep down in your heart that it may never show its' ghostly face to you.
Looking into the distance you pale when it comes to what could happen next.
You may lose someone else; someone who matters more than life itself.
This is when you know you must tread on.
Losing your balance along the slippery pond it seems as though the ice has shards of pain that stabs every fiber of your being.
You know you must keep going yet you fight it.
Your heart indeed has strength beyond it’s years and you will survive.
But how do you know which path is the right one to choose?
There's one that's there presently with shadows along the path, or there's the one you knew which has marigolds strewn about; yet you keep blocking it with twigs and branches.
You look both ways, take a breath, and go forward.


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