Two sides


Each wanting me for their own

They try to get along

For my sake

But they do not know

They do not see

What it does to me

How am I supposed to choose?

They say I am not

I do not have to

But they are hurting themselves for me

And in that

They are slowly killing me

I am being ripped apart

For how can I pick between two of the people

I love the most?

I can’t fucking do this

But I have to

For I cannot choose

And to back out of this situation

I must choose

I am trapped

Trapped in something I cannot do

It haunts me every moment

Every dream

Every thought

It is there

Torn two ways

Split down the middle

Leaving none for me

I want to cry

But the tears are not there

They are in my heart

And it is not with me

I have split myself to balance the scale


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