Top of the Yomas

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 18:27 -- adean


Green valleys lush with beauty,

Mountain ranges and forests as far the eye can see,

Seas, the ports of Akyab, and rivers flowing magnificently,

However, all of this is contrasted by the inhuman cruelty,


The beauty of the valleys are defied,

By a roaming putrid stench,

Dead flesh and bones,

Of boys and girls who have lost their homes,

Abducted and voiceless,

No-shelter, homeless, and stateless,


Once a land where the heavens shone,

Stricken with hunger and anger,

My people are quiet and left alone,

They are the Rohingya,

 The people that die due to their creed,

In the land of their own forefathers,


Imagine climbing the magnificent mountains,

O’ how majestic these yomas are,

As you climb you can’t help but admire,

The vastness of the greenery,

Hiking to the top the view is breath taking,

Eyes closed, wind-blowing, asphyxiation,

Head dizzy, mind confused, body shaken,

You have reached the top,

To a observe a new set of mountain range—

 Mountains of bodies,


They returned to nature in a most unnatural way,

A People that also once admired the mountains,

Became mountains themselves,

Persecuted and unheard,

Death toll lied to be about only 15,

Bodies in the thousands,

None with homes,

These are the Rohingya,


I stand at the top of the Yomas,

Far above the mountains of bodies,

I stand at the top of the Yomas,

To be heard for those who could not be heard,

I stand at the top of Yomas,

To stand firmly for a people murdered,

I stand at the top of the Yomas

Silent and vengeful for one day I will be successful,

And the plight of the Rohingya will be heard,


For this is why I write and express myself,

To speak on behalf of my silent folk,

College serves as the training ground,

To prepare me for the all-out war to come,

Where I shall stand at the forefront and announce,

The story of the Rohingya,

Loud and clear,

With the sword that is poetry in my right-hand,

And the shield that is clarity of mind in the other,

I stand tall in the face of the world,

Ready to represent a people unheard, 


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