Tooth Fairy

I am my ownperson, yet a reflection of mygrandmothers' teachings passed down generations untilthey finally generated a thought in my mind. My mom told methe tooth fairy was real. Took a bite out of the truthand coughed up a tooth. Yet, I still woke up with moneyunder my pillow as if I could make dentures out of quartersand nickel and dime what's real. I was told that gingerheals everything, add some lime and honeyFor hives, Robitussin will tussle withany cold and Vicks will evictthe sickness. These are just thingsI was taught to survive. The older I got,the more stern the warnings came. “They'll kidnap youif it's too dark at night” became, "They'll make kids napto show their might. Stay inside. I don't want youto be new on the news. You knew this was a badplace. Don't hurt yourself again because back on the islandbodies were surrounded by bodies of water.Now, bodies are surrounded by bodies of blood.” My parentstried to teach me how to doggy paddle ina pool of innocence, but dogs get put downand buried in front lawns. They tried to stillthe rushing of information but I still never learnedhow to doggy paddle. Drowning in an oceanof information that I received like sand unsure of therushing seas. “Drive safe.They're looking to pull you over for no reason.Pepper spray you if it's the wrong season. Allowance used to be givenonce a week. Now allowance is given oncea life for breaking the law.” My dad used toteach me to shoot into baskets.The news shows how to shoot into caskets. Regardless, I mustremember to never forget that God loves me andHe's watching me. Making my every step. The Bibleis a shield  on this journey. And as Imature in Christ and follow His teachings,I realize it takes some growing up to seethe tooth fairy isn't real.

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