The Tool of the Lord


United States
38° 7' 49.5444" N, 121° 25' 21.9396" W

Integrity, honesty, academics, faith...
Christ...All together,
in one, as one, in me.
Living life as his tool.
A tool to spread faith...
to spread the word of the Lord.

Expecting nothing, but obedience,
he provides nothing, but blessings.
School, family, friends...

who share the belief of the Lord.
Who understand who "he" is and
what he has given us,
who support "his" children
in any decision made,
And school;
A place for education.
And going to school where the Lord is
number one
on the list, on the heart, and in the soul;
Well, I can only imagine.

I would value going to a school such as this.
Somewhere, where the challenges
of every day life
rush away with the wind,
and the Holy Spirit can grow within me...
Within my soul.

For it is without the Spirit,
a church would be nothing,
but an empty building, Where
one could hear the echo of their voice
bounce off the ceiling and ring in their ears.

The Spirit that without,
a human body would have an empty soul;
No compassion to feed the heart.

The Spirit that without,
a family would be an empty shell;
Hollow enough for one to hear...

I accept the Spirit and he who died for me;
Therefore, My church is no empty building,
My family is no empty shell, and
My body has no empty soul.


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