Too Young

Collection of cinquain poems that can be read individually or in consecutive order 


Why me?

My young soft skin 

Innocence stripped from me

I was a kid when you touched me 

Why me?




Grandpa, supposedly 

How could I call you that 

You monster groping my body

Fuck you  


No more!

When does it stop?

I need to tell him no 

Why did he think this was ok? 

Stop it!




I stayed silent 

Hide my biggest secret 

Kissing you stripped my purity

Poor me 



Grew up 

I lost myself 

I was not young any more 

I did things I was too young for 



Save me

I am drowning 

Can anyone help me 

I am a victim suffering 

Help! Hurry!


Screw you 

I was a kid 

You can not be trusted 

Your job was to take care of me 

You failed




This poem is about: 
My family


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