Too young for that!

I can't say her parents did not care
But at the moment she was dared.
He strolled to her side with swag like Romeo
But she failed to remember what happened to Juliet.
He offered a drink and she took it
Next thing you know she was feeling drowsy
No one could escape the harm done at midnight
And nature doesn't tell tales; she reveals it.
The break of dawn brought break of heart of an empty bed,
blood stained sheets and cast out clothes
Remorse, surprise, regrets, revenge
Sorry to say the harm was done and a new life was to begin.
Romeo fled, Juliet was drenched in shock
The once upon a night became a rape and the fruit was an unplanned.
Name called, bullied, shocked parents, suicide watch and finally abortion.
She was blessed with a life but failed to save it
Choosing I over you, she made her decision
With a part of her lost, her life will never be the same
She was too young for all of that!

Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

underneath it all are lessons to learn and grow wise
great job in using the style of romeo and juliet and brought to life so readers can make a connection between the two
continue to write and build

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