Too Young


United States
40° 14' 29.382" N, 75° 17' 1.6296" W

She sees the smirks and hears the comments. The town's people don't know what caused it.

She gets sick at the thought of having to explain this confusing story of her terrible past to her child.
The girl tries to conceal her secret from the world, but these eight months will not allow her that simple pleasure.

Walking through the store, everyone stares but no one says a thing.
She could see right through their smiling faces, to their souls, so cold she shivered.
Or was it a shiver of fear? She knows she's too young.

Thinking, wishing, knowing that she's to young.
Twelve hours later, holding a new life in her arms, her new life, she cries.
With tears running down her face she thinks of nothing else but this precious life in her arms.
Not about her family or friends, or even the town’s people
Just about the beautiful baby boy that has now giving her life whole new meaning.


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