Too Many Sins

What did you feel when you felt me up
The instant hesitation then growing infatuation
What did you feel when you touched my chest
The heart beat pulsing, all my nerves beginning to sing
What did you feel when you felt my skin
The soft warm canvas already painted with sins
That night you were chocolate melting against me
You were rough hands turned gentle
Caressing my everything
You were dancer, singer, poet, dreamer
You were deep brown eyes that pulled me in
Strong brown hands that drew new lines of sin
In poetry on my skin
You were the midnight sky, 
Me, the moonlight and stars.
I made wishes on every star brighter than my scars
I wished to see you again
But again never came
It didn't matter anyway
You would have left me just the same
Sitting alone in the silence
Remembering the feel of your skin
Seeing the dark eyes that pulled me in
Tracing the lines of poetry
You drew on my canvas skin 
Already painted with too many sins


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