Too Long

It took me 3 years to see you 
3 years to even know what you were worth 
Even the stars and the moons cannot compete with the way you look at me 
3 years to even know what i was worth 
Even the seas and the myths of Atlantis aren't as valuable as me
it seems like we're a thousand miles apart, But I can still hear your heartbeat in this warm bed 
The one that puts this blue eyed girl on whirl spin of emotions 
And even though I've had over 30 houses your arms are the only place I ever want to call home 
And maybe I'm too young to know what love is but if you're not it I'm not sure I want to find out 
Because you're the reason I know What love is supposed to feel like 
It's supposed to be safe 
Make you feel safe 
I'm not afraid of you even though I've heard the stories 
Stories of broken bones and words meant to hurt 
You will never scare me 
You won't let anything happen to me 
You're my lock my secret protection service 
You're the reason I can even think about my dad 
You'll protect me till the end I can tell by the way you look at me 
It's the type of look found in chick flicks 
The kind of look that makes you want to fall in love 
Makes you want to fall in love with an insecure teenage girl who's too independent for her own good 
The kind of look that Makes you fall in love with a blonde haired boy who's a little too much of a mommas boy 
And maybe it's corny and generic 
But these words I say to you I mean them 
Every single letter and syllable I mean 
I mean it with everything in this shattered yet mending heart 
You're slowly putting it back together 
Even if takes you a million years you'll try and fix me 
Fix whatever they did to me 
And I never knew it was possible to love somebody so much because I've never felt this way 
Never had electricity go through me by a single touch 
The kind that gives you goose bumps 
The kind that makes you forget there are other people around 
I swear to god you're golden 
You're the only guy that's ever called me beautiful without looking at my body 
And sometimes I'm afraid you only want me for sex 
And thats a scary thought 
But your eyes tell a different story 
The enchanted kind of love 
A better story than Romeo and Juliet 
And I don't mind dying as long as you know I love you 
Because baby I love you 
I've never wanted to love someone so much 
I want to give you every part of me 
Every inch of my being is yours 
And I know I should trust you this much 
But I do 
I trust you with my secrets, my past, and even my heart 
You are literally the greatest thing that's ever been brought to this world 
You're better than the Grand Canyon and even better than beef jerky 
Even dinosaurs can't compete 
So if there's a day you ever think I don't love you just remember I chose you out of all the people in this whole wide world 
And I wouldn't have it any other way 
Baby I love you 


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