Too Late


United States

The smile on my face,

The bracelets on my wrists,

And the long pants that I wear can only hide so much.

They hide the scars, 

The blood and the tears.

But they don't hide the pain,

The feelings of worthlessness,

The self loathing.

Not that it matters anyways.


I'm Invisible.


Nobody bothers to look into my eyes and read the sorrowful stories hidden there.

Nobody bothers to look at my scars and hold me tight and tell me to stop.


I'm just another person who will be fine the next day.


Unless the next day never comes for me.


Then you'll wonder what went wrong,

And wish that you had noticed how sad I really was. 

How hurt and alone I felt everyday of my life.

You'll cry and cry, wishing you had seen the signs,

Before it was too late. 

You'll wish you hadn't believed me when I told you it was just the cat.

You'll wish you had noticed the tears behind my eyes,

And that you hadn't shrugged it off when I told you that I was fine.


You will beg for one more hug,

One more kiss,

One more smile to appear on my cold, dead lips.

But it's too late,

Because you ignored the signs and didn't help me when I needed you the most.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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