Too Hu-Man


Turned myself into turning away from myself's self.
Changed my changing to change the changing change.
Tied into a tie that I wear like smiles on Sunday.
Read a book about turning the page.
Can't believe my broken thoughts
Can't leave what I left behind anyway
Slept the sleeping away all the jumbled hours
Went to the store to purchase a new day.
Knew I didn't know that I didn't know
What I knew was the color you.
Knew too much to know all
Inserted new brains to know that too.
Have to breathe to live all the time
And have to beat to pump blood to that life
Have to have eyes to have vision in it
Have to have love to have any wife.
Said goodbye to the earth and moon
Went to my imagination's atmosphere
Dwelled pleasantly like Jesus in Heaven
Away from the love of here.


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