Too Give Too Recieve

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 07:56 -- Justme3

Too Give Too Recieve Which will I or You Prefer because the years keep moving but it seems as if your No longer Growing I Give My Heart my soul my all Too Recieve Not One two And No Where near a 3rd phone call,I ask myself why do you do it all for everyone, U Give And Give And not once accept nor expect Without A Doubt when your faith dwindles jus a smidget not big as a midget but as I mention To Recieve with open arms til you coming Running needing a friend a hug a dollar A Mother A Friend Sibling Lover Or amaybe Even A Father No One shows not even when I leave but yet again You never Run Too Anyone Not Even Your Closes kin too give To Recieve Is sonething u will never see I never ,then again never say never GiveToo Recieve All I Ever Asked is if Just One besides My Children And God Sees Me For Me & not only for judgement or what I did,not didn't do or not give this time,Day, Week,Month,Or year, my life story why can't I just give me mentally emotionally physically in due time I will be able to give all of me and get wats been waiting for me to recieve a blessing because I'm so over stressing and i am a temple an angel that's so Divine but u only Recieve wat I do for you all from time to time, yet still I get nothing am I supposed to be mad this time no because I give because my heart wouldn't let me leave ve if I wasn't me but maybe once could I too give for u too Recieve my& jus see me 4 me. $o I ask Is it better too give Too Recieve.or to Recieve and never Give Not A thank YOu , Acknowledgement,NOT EVEN A WINK? TOO GIVE TOO RECIEVE WHICH WOULD YOU PICK?????.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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