In Too Deep

I’m Leo
I like to run around town
When the sun goes down
My bed makes sounds
My passion spreads around

I’m Hosea
I like to cheat
My wife doesn’t own my meat
I’m as slippery as a leaf
My passion isn’t only in our sheets

I’m Carla
I like to seduce my men
I change lovers with the wind
My panties are what I lend
My passion is what I send

I’m Lucy
I like to sneak behind his back
He ain’t the only Mac
My husband cheats and that’s a fact
But when he’s gone, others are in this sack

If Leo and Carla slept together
And Hosea cheated with Carla
And Lucy cheated with Leo
And Lucy and Hosea are married

And Leo is HIV positive
That was his whole prerogative

Now Carla doesn’t know who the father is
Now Carla is HIV positive
Now Hosea is living with AIDS
Now look at the mess Hosea made
Now Lucy is battling HIV
It wasn’t what it was cracked up to be..huh Lucy?
Now Leo with his HIV
Continues to spread his disease

Men and Women cheat
Everyone’s always changing their seats
Now they’re all trying to seek
A cure
But now they are just in too deep.

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I felt inspired one night to write an eye awakening poem for all my sisters and brothers. Wrap it UP!


I am in love with this poem!

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