Tomorrow by Christian Betancourt


Why wait for tomorrow?

I ask

For tomorrow is not promised.

To gaze into the eyes of your lover,

And kiss them under the falling rain

To lay side by side

And say "I love you"

Beneath the night stars

Exchanging words of gratitude

And affection

While grasping onto the hands of

The being you so vastly cherish.



Is an opportunity

To climb the highest mountain range

Far above anything you ever risen.

An opportunity to seize the stars.

Maybe even the giant mystic moon.

Or perhaps travel to Mars.


To experience an unknown land

Distant and filled with adventure.

A new exotic culture.

To learn a new song,


A new hip dance.

Today is gift,

Just waiting to be unwrapped.


Why wait to discover something great.

To create something innovative

Something unique and ground-breaking

To our generation

To sail across unfamiliar waters,

And discover rare wild species. 

To let go of all sorrows.

So do not wait till tomorrow.

For tomorrow,

May be too late.


You see,

Our days on Earth are numbered.

Our life-spans,


Like sand in an hourglass.

Every moment deteriotes before our eyes. 

We are not immortal.

Today we are here,

And tomorrow,

Well who knows?


Tomorrow is unforeseen.

It is simply an illusion.

An unguaranteed space of time,

It is sunshine and daylight that,

May or may not come.


So live for today.

Live in the present.

Cherish every moment,

And build something special,

With someone you adore.

Someone you admire.


Live for today,

Because you see,


May be your last day,

And tomorrow,

Is simply too far away.






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Our world


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