Imagine a tomorrow, far different from today
Where love is the only King, and children jump and play.
Now I'm not talking jump and play with whites on whites or blacks on blacks or blues on blues, you crazy fools.
I'm talking swing sets filled with rainbow children who are color blind to society's subsets

Imagine a tomorrow, far different from today
Where people are rated on intellect, not sex appeal or willingness to obey.
Where everyone is given the choice to love and be loved by whoever they please,
Not just settle for the one who will provide them the nicest set of car keys.

Imagine a tomorrow, far different from today 
Where a man can cry without being called gay, and a woman can wear a short dress without wanting to get laid.
Where gender stereotypes never existed, and people could be people without layers of labels attempting to convince them that individuality should be resisted.

Imagine a tomorrow, far different from today
Where secret plans to kill the so-called enemy weren't constantly underway, and people learned that forgiveness may be the only way to save the day. 
Where innocent civilians weren't harmed as a result of their government's false alarms, and walls no longer divided two groups that should in fact be united.

Imagine a tomorrow, far different from today
Where people didn't need to be constantly reminded that everything is going to be okay, and we were able to accept the fact that beauty isn't only found on the runway. 
Where people wanted to live, more than they wanted to die, and so many young souls didn't have to say goodbye.

But what if this tomorrow isn't so different from today? What if everyone began to think about the things they wanted to change before they leave this world one day? 
If we all do our part, may it be big or small, we will start to see that many drops of water create a waterfall. 
Humanity's existence is a miracle that deserves to be celebrated, so let's use this short time on earth to do something that is quite underrated...
Let's change our reality and alter the mentality that dreamers and wishful thinkers are suffering from irrationality.

Heed this call and don't you dare stall, because now is the time to ask yourself this my dear kin: 
"How can I make this a world that I'm proud to live in?"

This poem is about: 
Our world



Oh Wow, You are amazing. I love this poem and I wait the day this happens.

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