Wed, 10/01/2014 - 21:00 -- Cadoee


And with a head rested upon a down pillow,

I wish only that the feathers were my own wings. 

Arms out stretched, face towards the sun as it sets. 

A better day awaits and the future rides the coattails of yesterday. 

Tonight I dreamed a dream, 

And it wasn't a nightmare but a fantasy fueled by a fanciful hope. 

I danced in the blinding light of the sun 

and it melted my cold front rather than the ice caps. 

Im excited not by seconds in an hourglass falling swiftly 

Quick sand slowly swallowing me whole

The hourglass is overturned and a new day begins.

A sandcastle, and the beach breeze

High tide withdrawing my qualms with this day. 

Drown me in the warmed sea

With each new day,

I am set




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