The  pandemic hit and protesting came about,

some joined in when it first came out,

¨I can´t breath¨, they scream it and shout,

is a cure going to be made, many have doubt,


just a school kid trying to get on with my education,

pencil and papers up with determination,

but I think i´m going to need a vacation,

everything is going downhill in this nation,


icecream and food,

¨land of the free home of the brave¨,

it will help lighten the mood,

but then comes another negative wave,


bills, familly, education, and more and more,

what are all these problems for,

god will wash them away from the shore,

in life there is always opprunities just look for that right door,


breonna taylor was shot in her sleep,

as her loved ones then begin to weep,

the officer´s job was not up for debate it was his to keep,

the sheperd saw ninety nine so went to look for the missing sheep,

people sow what they reap,


we come together as one voice,

follow your heart,

it is up to us to make the right choice,

just think before you do and make decisions that are smart.



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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