We lived our lives together.

And shared our memories,

Making new ones filled with laughter and joy.

A beautiful bliss came over us when we were in unison,

We lived in an utopia of euphoria.

We were in love and we loved every moment of it.

Finally we wanted to share our passion with someone, our families,

But when we shared our love with them,

They weren’t elated, like we were.

They were outraged and resentful,

We didn’t find the support and pride we had hoped for.

And understanding was too much to ask.

They disapproved of our love and time spent together,

They didn’t support us as a couple, because we were a gay couple.

Our memories, and years filled with laughter didn’t matter,

Our ecstasy when we were together didn’t stand up for us being gay.

Our utopia came down, but we powered on and loved each other anyway,

We went back to the way it was before our parents knew.

You came back home to me, where our love grew,

We won’t let them or the world change us,

Because our love is strong,

Society may not understand but I can love you,

And you can love me without it being wrong,

And our love isn’t less of a love because we are gay,

Maybe someday people will understand this and accept our love,

But until then we will fight for our love, together.



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