Today's Isolation Begins

I'm in a hall full of children,

hoping to my God, I'm not seen.

Under my breath I count to ten.


I quiver and shake

I hear him coming.

I'm never cut a break.


Before I know it, I'm on the floor,

my books scattered.

I'm shaken to my core.


Others continue to talk and ignore me.

My bruised face and busted lip

is something they don't care to see.


He sneers down at me

saying, " You know what I could do."

I fight to keep the tears from falling.


I don't want him to see.

He kicks me saying, " Keep your place."

I don't dare flee.


He walks away

like nothing's happened.

I've done everything to keep my tears at bay.


A sob wracks my being,

I'm all alone in a full hallway.

My tears aren't freeing.


I'm slow to gather my stuff

any movement aches.

My body's had it rough.


I limp sorely to my homeroom.

and quietly take my seat.

I quit talking, anything I said only added to my doom.


I sat perfectly still and straight.

It was useless for me to say anything

It just angered Nate.


This started two years ago

when I was still new

I didn't know then, he would hate me so.


It began with a simple question,

but he and his friends

hated my answer.


He's my bully,

but everyone else's hero, their quarterback.

How did they not see him fully?


My dad says the opposite of love isn't hate,

but indifference and ignorance.

Maybe it's not too late for Nate.


He forced me into isolation and fear

I yearn for a friend.

I fight another tear.


This short class ends

and today's isolation begins.

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