Today I Rise Above

Today I rise above. 

Above the pain of yesterdays

Above the torment that has imprisoned my body and my mind for far too long

I rise above the little girl that endlessly enters my mind whenever the world around me gets a little too quiet

The one in the pale pink dress with the great big smile that hid her secret shame for years and years

I rise above the fear that she carried everyday knowing that soon enough she would be used once more to fulfill one man's twisted desires that she should have never been recruited to fulfill

I rise above the pain of my six year old self feeling like she is unlovable because "daddy wouldn't do this if he loved me"

Today that six year old will be free from every shameful chain that held her down.


Today I let go.

I let go of the fear of daddy being released soon into the "real world" once more

I'm breaking free from the scars that continue to scream that I am not good enough fifteen years later

And wrapping myself in affirmations of worthiness and new beginnings.


Today that little girl in the pale pink dress is smiling, but this time it is beautifully authentic.

She and I... We... Are rising above, starting today.


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