Today I had a talk..

Today I had a talk with the class bully, he is quite loud and rude.
It was really quite a struggle to get him away from all his brood.
Once we were alone he
started interrogating me,
Expecting me to seek protection or a favor or something.
Finally, I could talk and I began my interview,
And I got some good answers despite his negative hue.
I started out general and asked how he was doing
He scoffed sat back and said "What's it to you?"
I smiled gently and encouraged though he didn't want to relent.
"I'm failing, got a headache, and I'm still hung over from this weekend."
I asked about the scar lingering above his left eye
It was long, thin, and white having faded with time.
Again he asked what it mattered to me, still convinced I was after something.
I assured him I was merely curious and he finally proceeded.
"My old man gave it to me when I was just a kid. He got drunk and hacked off and busted my head. Eight stitches, I remember, I cried the whole time. But never again did I cry, not after that first night."
His honesty astounded me, and on only the second question too.
It's amazing how if you ask what people will tell you.
"That's why I'm so tough, my old man made me like this. I kinda like it though. It suits me I guess."
I had suspected it was that way but I had wanted to know for sure,
"So that's it then? This is all you want for you?"
He remained mostly calm and didn't look at me.
"Someone once told me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
And with that last proverb he rose and just left,
Not ever bothering to give me a second glance.
I didn't mind so much though because he had been a good sport.
He'd been perfectly honest what more could you ask for?
Today I had a talk with our class bully who is usually loud and rude,
But today, just for me, he adjusted his attitude.
Yes it's true that an apple does not usually fall far,
But sometimes someone cares enough to use that apple for something more.



Insightful and well written. One of the best I've seen.

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