Today is the day I break free

Whether it be for you or me

I want to be my own person

So tired, I just want purpose

The world is mine to take

But they keep me from even skipping rocks on a lake

Why can't I just fly away with the birds

Close my eyes and let the world become a blur

The popularity seems to be enough

In reality it just makes me seem tough

On the inside I'm broken

Full of confused and delicate emotion

My life is full of greats

While also being full of disgrace

Tell me why it's so easy to be alive in the day

But I die once the sun goes away

As an inspiring intelligent individual

You would think that everything is fixable

Wrong I would tell you solemnly

The wounds never heal, honestly

To get away from the negative I live

I am in fact still alive and have something to give

The goal is to make a difference 

Find someone's inner brilliance

Today is the day we break free

Whether it be for you or me


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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