Toast to Life

Small acts of kindness, compliments, and fun times are what I enjoy. I fall, break a leg. Now, I am in a brace. I still walk to class in the hope of throwing my crutches down the stairs, I flowing as smooth as shower curtains.

Come with a drink of lemonade, and eat with me. Talk about life if may be. Forget time, let's run in the rain, let the pain go away, and freeze time as we look through each other's eyes.

I like a toddler's laughter. Spending my lonesome time in the computer, looking at how to videos. Fill and consume a bottle of fresh water, eat with people I don't know, watch a bacteria colony grow, people run slow through the blanket of white snow.

Miles from my family, I am homesick, yet I love liberty like the radicals from the American Revolution. Free to sleep, write, sing, study complicated chemical reactions to fulfill my biology degree requirements.

I shout so loud in the darkness, the whole room illuminates. I let mom and dad know I love them everyday. I am rigid like a stem, my achievements sprout as if they were green leaves in the spring. Engage in virus research. Check. Orthopedic surgeon? Not yet.

The day I am able to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte in my white coat and stethoscope, with my cat on my lap, my brothers watching comedy movies in the home theater,laughing with their families, my mom cooking enchiladas, my father teaching my son the mechanics of putting together a car, my husband running through the rain, sitting next to me, our white coats blending in with the white sky, as we talk, watching the rain soak everyone walking their dogs wet. Hot chocolate and tamales on the kitchen table inside.

This day, filled with serenity, family comfort, and the end of financial worries and anguish, is when I will truly be happy. I am taking one day at a time, and so I have decided to enjoy life and everyone in it.


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