Tired of fighting

Judging me 

Yall judging me 

Without even knowing all 

Da dark days I had to survive through

Do you understand i fought through hell & back become who I am 

I walk through the rain 

Chain me 

Throw stones 

Jailed me 

Take my children 

Snatch my freedom away 

Take everything I work for 

Make me look like a fool 

Folded on me when I needed you the most 

Do you understand the rain the storms 

How many hopes 

You do you understand 

What tf I’m saying 

I got up off my ass 

I took nothing & made into something 

What you know bout sleeping on people floors & didn’t even want you their 

What you know about friend pretend to be your friends 

What you know about fake love 

But you judging me for how I walk how I talk 

You couldn’t even walk in my 7in heel 

I make this shit look smooth 

Roll my wood & roll in peace 

Don’t hit my line with that lame shit 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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