I’m tired

Tired because sleep is becoming a rare luxury

Tired of trying so hard when I know I’m going to fail

Science and math are languages I do not speak

Simply doing the work only gets you a C when you fail the test

What am I doing this weekend?

The answer is almost always school work

They say, “It’s easy” yet I still don’t understand

I’m tired of feeling useless

Like I know I can do better even as I’m in overdrive

Tired of people pointing out my flaws

And ignoring my rights

Exams over

It’s the weekend

Time to recharge

Except recharging equals lazy

Do more so they’ll like you

I’m tired of never being good enough

Tired of being uninvited, left out, forgotten

I try and try but always come up short

My actions are beginning to blur together

I like to punch walls

I want to go to sleep

I’m tired

I don’t want to wake up

Have to, there’s still more to be done

I’m tired of wondering if it’ll get better

Tired of holding it all in

I’m tired of not reaching peoples expectations

Tired of being criticized

I'm tired of being alive

When I'm not living.

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magical mistakes

Dangg J this is harsh but true

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