I'm tired of the lies AND misconception

Long to be held, seeking attention

Covering up my discontentment

I've ran out of makeup and forgotten how

To just smile and wave.

Naive I'm not, I can't be fooled

I gave my heart yet to another man

Again I have trusted


I'm tired of sacrificing and never being

Able to see the return of my investment.

Building, encouraging, and loving

With all of me.  Only to be invisible

Never feeling like I'm a part of thee.

I just want to be his 100 percent.

I want him to see me as who I

Was meant to be.

Apart of him, like he's a part of me.


I'm tired of being given promises

And commitments never fulfilled.

I'm overwhelmed and stressed out,

But I can't be held.

My tears have been hidden for

Way too long. I'm so damn tired

Of having to be strong.

When will my time come?

Don't know how much longer

I can hold on and persevere.


Now out flows the very essence

Of my pain. Again my face rains

I'm tired of crying and then

Being scolded for allowing

My feelings to show and

Sharing what the love he declares

Should grant him the knowledge

To know.


I'm tired of being invisible to he affection and touch. When I give all of me

Am I asking too much?

I sit, I wait, I anticipate

The very moment when he will

Display my importance in his life.


I'm tired for what


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