Tip tap, pitter pat 

Tip tap, pitter pat 

The rain on my window echoes loudly 

The world is crying, just like me. 

Maybe it's dying, just like me. 


I can't help but feel torn. 

Like the world no longer cares for my existence, 

But I care so deeply for theirs. 


It doesn't make sense to me, for the world to hate me so. 

I've been ostracized and torn down, by people who call themselves Christians. 

Who say they love God. 


But God is love, so if we are not showing love to our brother or sister in Christ, 

Are we then not acting like God? 

Manmade religion is a joke.

I love God but not the restrictions placed on His love. 


And they are placed there by heartless, mindless people, who claim God's name 

But are only looking out for their own 

Such is the flaw with man. 



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