Tiny Little Girl

Tiny little girl, Sad and all alone.
Locked up in a basement, No one else is home.
Tears fall from her grey green eyes,
And up above God hears her cry.

She wipes away the tears And tries to act strong,
She has to make it through this pain,
She has to show the world that little girls can make it,
And should not have to be afraid.

She hears a noise from up stairs,
Mommy and daddy are home again.
They unlock the door, and let her out for now.

But in just a few minutes her
Pain will be lingering about.
They take her into a room with another man,
They tell her to do what he says, no matter what it is.

She looks up at her mommy,
Pain deep in her eyes.
"Mommy can't I stay with you? I thought it was time to play?"
"Yes darling its play time, But not for me and you
Today you have to do,
What ever this man wants you too"

She looks down at her feet,
And quietly says "Ok."
What's wrong with mommy?
Why does she not want to play?
Mommy and daddy walk out of the room, they left the girl behind.
"Time for the show to start."

This little girl felt pain in her heart.
The man says its time to play,
A new and different game.
He said he'd take off her clothes
And get her to lie on the bed, its time to see the show.

He turns on a camera,
And pushes her onto the bed,
He starts to feel her body,
She cries out for help.
He tells her to shut up,
Or hell slit her throat.

He takes out a knife,
And holds it to her neck.
The little girl lies silently,
As the man has his way.

Every now and then, he lets out a moan
And says he loves them young just like this little one.
The pain she feels is unbearable,
I cant begin to explain.

She's been torn apart,
From deep within the heart.
She'll never mend again,
The pain will always be there
Deep down within.

She'll always feel scared.
After he's finished,
He kisses her cheek.
Tells her she's lovely,
The best hes had in weeks.

He cleans up himself,
And makes his way out the door.
She starts to shake in fear,
She cant believe what just happened here.

Why did mummy let him do this?
Why did she leave me here?
She thinks to herself.
As her world fills with unbearable doubt.

Mommy comes back in
And holds her daughter close.
Tells her that shes sorry,
For what happened was so gross.

"I'm oh so very sorry baby,
We had to pay the rent,
Daddy's out of work,
And this was the only option we had left."

The little girl looked angry,
"Mommy is that really your excuse?
You let a stranger touch me,
And rob me of my youth?"

She pushed her mom away and ran into her room,
Packed a bag and her favourite pillow,
She could not handle all this gloom.
She called that special number,
It was 9-1-1,

She told them what had happened,
And how much she hated her mom.
The police arrested her parents,
And took them far away,

Told the little girl.
"For this they will pay"
She went to stay with other parents,
Where there she was so loved.

She was not locked up all day,
And treated like a doll.
She is now a teenager,
Who still sometimes struggles to cope.

But after all these years,
She has begun to regain her hope.
She still in a way loves her parents very much,
But she will never again trust them,

For they stole her life.
They left her all alone,
And everyday made her cry,
They destroyed her life and made her live a lie.

Yes this is a true story,
People can be so cruel.
She only hopes that other parents
Don't treat there children like tools.

Children are not your property to buy and sell for use,
They are real people who dont deserve this kind of abuse.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can imagine the thought process when you wrote this poem

i want to write something that inspires you.........

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