Thu, 10/03/2013 - 01:10 -- JesseAT


I never thought that I could feel this way

I never really searched for this feeling

- None worthy to share it with anyway

But I stumbled on it, now I’m tingling

I have never met a person like you

That I can become vulnerable with

- To open up my heart feels good with you

This feeling is now no longer a myth

It is real, and even when you have gone

Far from me, it sticks, and I think of you

It is to you, beautiful, that I am drawn

And I think I am falling hard for you.

So will you take my hand and walk with me?

Because whenever I’m with you I feel free.



This is a sonnet about my first girlfriend that I love being with, and my English Literature AP teacher inspired me to create it. 

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