Tina was just a little girl following her sister’s footsteps
She was innocent as can be, just wanted to fit in
Not knowing the magnitude of her decisions as she crept
She was soon to be a victim of a global trend
Body of a 12 year old yet mind of a woman
Concealed by make-up and pretty dresses
Using her immature body as much as she can
To get what she wants and to turn faces
One day Tina’s plans were just to hang out with some friends from school
A plan that she would later regret
Maybe a little drinking, smoking, you know things that people do who are “cool”
There was no talking her out of it; her mind was set
She combed her hair across her face and put on a red and white New York hat
A slightly revealing red jumpsuit, she did not want to show too much
She had to look her best because she was going to be “where the party was at”
She was ready to go with all of her make-up and just in case, a comb and brush
Everything started good, no problems and everyone was having a good time
With her sister away to girl’s school, Tina had to take the title as the famous Robertson girl
She was flirting with every guy she saw; she didn’t think it was a crime
Only the guys were men ranging from 18 to 27, she was stepping into a whole new world
Now just when she thought things were going her way, something happened that she would never forget
Her immature body became that of a woman as that night her virginity they stole
The innocence of once a little girl was now lost; so long she tried to hold on to it yet so quickly it went
The vicious train pasted through the night forcing its way into the tiny unexploited hole.
The day started as an exciting adventure yet ended as a painful experience with an unbearable memory
Tina prayed wishing the day would end as five men climbed on and off her now poisoned body that long spring night
They used her as an instrument playing a tune with every inch of her body creating a musical jamboree
As she continued to try to convince herself that everything was going to be all right
A lesson was learned that day; harsh but a crucial one it is
Tina just wanted to be the life of the party, she didn’t mean any harm
Yet harm was brought onto her with five permanent wounds and an offspring waiting to live
Forever Tina will remember that day she left behind her immature ways, that day that set off a wake-up alarm


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