Tim's World

I'm told to pray and bow my head, but i begin to see the big picture of those close to me dying then coming rising once again  the world becomes The Walking Dead. i wake up in search of my destiny, wishing that reality will just twist itself into fantasy, currently I'm closed in darkness worst than Yugi moto being involved in a game of shadows to finding my own ninja way like Naruto trying his best to become Hokage. I live in a world of anime and procrastinatio thats believed to be apart of my races assassination, but we're set for annihilation due to killing each other when we're supposed to be treating one another like brother and sister. To the world around me, a jail cell is my final destination but I'm destined for something greater to finally say "I made it out the hood!" Life is a challenge and I'm, just trying to find my way back from insanity like Nemo trying to find his own way back own. I'm the type of person to sit in his room and vibe to a decent beat looking for words to use and inspire those around me, listening t the sound of the melody lookinf for anothertype of way to be free that could escape this world of black man's knowledge and view of the world. People don't understand that's its cold out here in these streets and even you coul end up 6 ft. deep.

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