Times long past

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 15:34 -- Sigha


I speak to times long past

Spent together in the sun

We thought forever

Those days would last


Our dreams, bestirred with a kiss

But alas, one regretful night

A careless dance with Devil’s drink

Scattered carefree dreams to scarlet mist


As your heart beat for me,

Still mine will beat for you

Searching, staring at the tilled soil

For your eyes and soul to see


I strive to be understood

Longing for the one who shared my heart

Though unflinchingly in my path

Stand unforgiving walls of earth and wood


Yet still, my words resonate with rage

Seeking the one they once bespoke

Vainly knocking, striking, pounding

At the unfeeling walls of coffin's cage.


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