Timeless bond

M - motivational

O - open minded

T - tough and strong

H - heart of gold

E - enthusiastic

R - rational and sensible


My mum can make me happy no matter how sad I may be

Can your mum do that?

My mum can make me motivated to work and be active

Can your mum do that?

My mum will listen to everything I have to say and she will not judge me for it

Can your mum do that?

My mum thinks about situations in a smart and sensible way

Can you mum think like that?

My mum is tough and strong, she can get through anything

Is your mum that strong?

My mum speaks to me in a soft tone of voice,

She helps sooth my bad thoughts,

She always puts me before her and she never qives up on me

Does your mum do that? 

My mum is the best mum

Is your mum the best mum?

If mum were an animal, she would be a butterfly

If mum were an object, she would be the sun and the world

If my mum were a different human, she would be an angel

If my mum was in a list of best mums then she would be at the top

I love my mummy

In 100 years, that fact will not have changed

She's always there for me

And I will do my best to be there for her too



This poem is about: 
My family


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