"Time Will Tell"



Time passes by and Sunset arrives , but my worries are not faint, there will forever be sunrise.   My goals are clear in the course of time. I shall abide by my schooling until I am satisfied.   I shall expand in my knowledge until I am certified. I shall Buy a shop and nurture my name till it can stand alone. I shall Design a beautiful home.  I shall Wear a ring and hear the new bells sing.  I shall Hold two little ones in my hand, Watch them grow and help them plan.While I Become a wealthy fellow, I’ll grow gardens of Nongke Orchids all yellow.  I’ll learn to speak the language of nature and cook the sweetest foods to savor. I shall live out my moonstruck dreams. I shall wear clothing with the finest seams. I shall cross the world with the sky by my side. I shall give those unfortunate the highest pride. I shall keep progressing until my glass runs out of sand.  As I wait by my window and ponder at such a sight Sunrise arrives, my future truly is bright.                                                

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