Time Warp

Sat, 05/01/2021 - 20:47 -- M7575

Woman you are, man am I. We walk hand in hand under a clear blue sky. Hours are not hours as we walk, in a displacement in time. I have no want, to look at the clock, what a magical time this is with you. Not knowing when I move through this day, but do I move, as this day does relent, happy and content. I could live each day in this time warp with you, as we both float in a sea of tranquility and grace, like the first time I saw a picture of your face. Time was transcended at first glance of you. I must send her a message, I said, I must see this through. I think if we lived like a genie in a bottle it would be ok for a while. Then reality would set in, it would be ok, you would be at my side. The future is bright, even though it is now dark. I wish you a good night my love till our next time warp.



Oh la laaaa....love

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