Time Lost in Dreams


Floating on a cloud

Soft sheets and heavy comforter weigh the warmth into your bones

Nothing can make you move

For the nest you have made perfectly fits your figure

Time has elongated and you have been waiting for the perfect moment

This moment where your joints will glide

Your muscles with loosen

Your existence in motion

This moment seems grand

Like a new beginning

In all honesty, nothing can make you  move from this bed

The world outside is cold and frightful

But under these sheets everything is exceedingly delightful

Eyes are now shut and your mind drifts away

In many places your brain will go

Thoughts fighting for say

First you find yourself in a stone encasement

Walls sopping with moisture

Covered in green giving a vinyl posture

The room is growing into a garden

Encased from the world

You’re in total seclusion and the silence is deafening

It’s so quit the atmosphere is blinding

This natural state is too unlike the world you live in

You try to scream for the sound that your mind longs for

The pain is existing, but the action is missing

The scream reveals your terror and suddenly you’re standing in a mirror

On the other side is you trapped in the garden screaming for life

In this new place there is a light so blinding

Your turn away

You are what the light keeps on finding

Tears streaming down your face

And then a drop

You’re out of place

In the clouds flying high

You have reached the place where time passes by

Arms reaching to every direction

This freedom’s definition is complete perfection


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