That time it got quiet

There’s always a test to study for.

Some chores to do.

Not necessary to think anymore.

A list of things to get through.

The ring needs to be given back.

You need to buy a new dress in all black.

The boxes need to be moved out.

Make sure that the flowers are surrounding the casket.

Have to figure out which one of you gets the kids.

Nothing left on the list.

The family and friends want you to rest a little, they insist.

You’re just stalling the inevitable and you know.

But still you put on an act like your in a show.

It comes crashing down all at once.

You stop in your tracks.

So much pain and sorrow flowing.

You take a step back.

It had to happen one way or another.

There’s no point in trying to stop.

It will only get worse.

Crying hysterically and wheezing while trying to breathe. 

Soon the feeling passes.

All has settled.

The tears have dried from your eyes.

Things have gotten better since then..

That time it got quiet.


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