As Time Goes by Part 1

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 11:47 -- kzuniga

Why am i broken?

Torn to pieces?

Missing a puzzle piece?

These questions they ring and ring

They ring nonstop

They haunt me day and night

They keep me up

They claw and gnaw at me

They leave me with wounds and scars

Scars that cannot be seen

I want to cry for help

But i have sewn my mouth shut

Time goes by

Then I ask myself

Was I ever not broken?

Was I ever whole?

Was I ever complete?

The simple answer is yes

I was once not broken

Once whole

Once complete

But that was long ago

So long ago i don't remember

I don't remember the feeling of not being broken

Of being whole

Of being complete

I've forgotten and I don't know if I will ever remember

Time goes by

The same questions ring in my head

They don't stop ringing

Except this time there are more questions

Questions that seem to turn into statements

You're fat

That word hurts but i believe it

You are never going to be enough

It stings but i believe it

You will be alone forever

This burns, but I believe it

They leave wounds

Wounds that turn into scars

Scars that no one will ever see


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