A Time Of Destruction

Money's the root of evil.

Watch how it changes people.

Passing by churches and Church's Chicken poison my people.

I try to remain peaceful.

Feel like that's all I can be.

Trying to outrun my demons.

Swear I won't let them have me.

Money changes people's lives as if it were the key.

What would you do for money? 

Exploit ourselves for currency.

Money's so temporary;

Here today, gone tomorrow.

And when it's all gone,

Watch how it brings out sorrow.

People get rid of morals

For silly dollar signs.

Seems like currency is guarantee that everything will be just fine.

I can't understand why

people sellin' out friends and family

to get a lil' richer.

Worshipping a piece of paper.

Do you get the bigger picture?!

Don't wish that I were richer,

Just wish for satisfaction.

Have money in an instant.

Gone with a couple transactions.

Excuse my compassion,

but money's the destruction of man.

People don't know what they're doing but greed is in their hands.

Although, I understand,

Money can give you everything.

But when it's all said and done,

Can dollars heal your pain?

Suicide is a bigger problem when you got bigger dollars.

Homicide of the poorer side

-- homies killin' they potnas'.

But what value does a dollar really hold?

Does it hold enough power for man to sell they're soul?

Because what I was told is,

"Money don't make the man, but the man make the money."

But the worshipping of a dollar is basically blasphemy.

It's funny how the back of money says, "In God We Trust,"

Because it seems as if America only trusts big bucks.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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