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Time is a funny thing
It never seems to stop.
It runs like water from a faucet
At a steady pace.

It is one of those strange things
That we tend to wish away
But regret it when it’s gone.
So often we rush it
Instead of breathing it in.

A small four-letter word
That holds the potential of everything
Slips through our fingers if we aren’t careful.

Take a minute.
Take two.
Enjoy it while it’s here
Forget the past
Stop waiting for the future
The time is now
Embrace it.
Use it.
Treasure it.
In a blink of an eye
It will be gone

So take off your shoes and feel the sand in your toes
Jump in the lake because you can
Who cares if it’s sunny or snowing.
Call your friend for no reason
Leave flowers on someone’s doorstep.

Time. Don’t waste it.


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